Founded in 2006, Crimson Imports is a boutique importer, providing an eclectic range of handcrafted wines from family run wineries to retail stores and restaurants throughout the province of Alberta.

spainCrimson Imports sources these wines directly from the wineries, and our staff travel extensively to all the world’s best wine regions to meet the craftspeople behind these delicious libations and learn about their unique techniques and wine properties.

We believe in wines made by real people with a real passion, with hands-on techniques and many years of experience—wines with unique and notable properties that relate back to the different regions where their grapes are grown. We also believe in wines with a story, where you can taste the earth, the sunshine, and the history in each glass. These stories become more complex and meaningful through a close connection to the producers, by sitting down face-to-face with the winemaker, over a glass right from the barrel at a rough-hewn table in a dark cool stone room, to learn about the struggles and triumphs of each cask.

If this is what excites you about wine too, you’ve found friends at Crimson Imports.

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