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Argentina has enjoyed incredible success of late, but there are more than just big brands to discover in the shadow of the Andes. We search out the small family estates with amazing old vines and breathtaking wines.



finca 8 malbecFINCA 8 is a family company, with a love for wine and passion for creating great products. They have two vineyards; Altamira and La Consulta where they grow grapes for fine Malbecs. Their wines frequently sell out, and have been ranked 90+ in various trade and wine publications like Wine Advocate and Wine Enthusiast.  Crimson Imports is proud to be just one of four companies in the world appointed to bring this delicious wine from its Argentinian home, to drinkers around the world. In Calgary, FINCA 8 is available exclusively at Kensington Wine Market. For Edmonton distribution, click here.


Las Acequias

The Correas family settled in Mendoza, Argentina at the end of the 16th century with the arrival of Mr. Pedro Correas de Larrea. The viticulture history of the family began in 1860 with Don Segundo Correas, who planted noble grapes of French origin and built the first winery. In Medrano, Julian Correas founded the winery ‘El Cypress’, famous for cabernet sauvignon in the 1930s. In 1972 in Medrano, Mendoza modernized the present winery at Tres Acequias Street, with extra capacity to meet the increase in vineyards, which their father planted in 1925. Today the estate winery is maintained by Luis, Julian, Francisco and Diego Correas, the family’s fourth generation winemakers.

 Fun fact: ‘Acequia’ (pronounced AH-SAY-KE’-AH) means ‘irrigation canal’ in Spanish.

In Calgary, Las Acequias is available at J Webb Wine Merchant, and at Metrovino.  For Edmonton distribution, click here.



 Montequieto started back in 2001 when the family that owns Montequieto (the name means ‘quiet mountain’ in Spanish) planted their first grapes at the same time their first child was born. Their first harvest followed in 2003, with the birth of their second child, and the winery was inaugurated in 2004.  Montequieto bottled their first wine the very next year,  and in 2006, won their first award, taking home an Argentine Wine Award, at the same time they had their third child.   If it seems like every significant event coincides with the birth of a child, it does!  Baby number four came along in 2009, the same year the Montequieto folks began producing Malbec.

For Edmonton distribution of Montequieto, click here. For Calgary distribution click here.

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