Austrian wines are becoming more popular.  The country’s marketing board continues to show that exports are soaring, despite a tight supply. Austria is known for its diversity of grape varieties, and approximately 20,000 winemakers grow grapes in this beautiful European setting.


knollEmmerich Knoll’s winery in Unterloiben is one of Austria’s most famous wine-growing estates. Each bottle’s traditional label is almost as highly regarded as the wines themselves. The Knoll estate is located in the village of Unterloiben in the wine-growing region Wachau. It has been run by the family for decades and today Emmerich II and Monika Knoll  and their sons Emmerich III, are in charge of the 15 hectares of  land where the famous grapes grow. Emmerich Knoll doesn’t like overpowered, exuberant wines. Tight, concentrated wines which show their power packed – that’s the credo of the ordinary estate. Knoll’s wines are considered late bloomers beyond exception. Knoll is available in Calgary exclusively at Metrovino.


loimer wineOne of Loimer’s hallmarks has been creating eco-friendly products.  As they explain it, since 2006, “we’ ve been caring for our own vineyards according to strict biological principles – standards that reflect the natural harmony between soil, plants, animals and people”. They are so concerned with their ecological footprint, that the word “Respekt” is printed on the wine labels as a reminder. Respekt is actually an organization that includes nearly 20 European winemakers all committed to these same principals of high quality biodynamic winemaking methods.

The Loimer cellar is 150 years old, carved by hand from the silty “loess” soil and secured with stones from the area.

In Calgary, Loimer is available at Metrovino. For Edmonton distribution, click here.



Heinrich wineGernot and Heike Heinrich founded their winery in 1990 with 2 ½ acres of vineyard purchased from Gernot’s family. His early work in the family winery, like most of that generation, was purely an agricultural pursuit with goals more related to quantity production. Gernot’s parents had wished their son would choose a different path, because unlike him, they could not see the potential for great wines to be produced from this area. This is a case where mother doesn’t know best, because just over a decade later, the Heinrichs were recognized with the prestigious Falstaff “Winemaker of the Year” award.

In Calgary, Loimer is available at Metrovino. For Edmonton distribution, click here.


wieningerA small, family-run winery with just 10 staff, Wieninger sits on 45 hectares of grapevines, and adheres to the Respekt principals. Weingut Wieninger grows its vines in two of Austria’s premier wine regions; the Bisamberg and the Nussberg, separated by the Danube river. Each side provides different soils and different climates, and so Wieninger is able to create a wide variety of wines that reflect these differences. The company exports to nearly 30 countries.

Wieninger is available exclusively in Calgary at Metrovino. For Edmonton distribution, click here.

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