Chile is always changing. From the old vine carignane in the south to amazing high altitude chardonnay, this country is ever evolving and capturing our imaginations.


Polkura.jpgIn 1998, winemaker Sven Bruchfeld along with his friend and university buddy Gonzalo Muñoz, were dreaming of future projects to do together. Gonzalo was studying in Spain and Sven was working in different wine regions around the world.  Realizing they had a love for wine, the duo began hunting for just the right place to start their winemaking dream. In 2002 they found a neglected property in the Marchigüe area near the Western end of the Colchagua Valley, and they knew they’d found their perfect location.

Polkura is the name of a little hill inside the vineyard, and it means “Yellow Stone” in the native Chilean Mapuche language, making reference to large amounts of yellow granite spread along the clay soils of the area. Decomposed granite imparts the wine minerality and elegance, whereas clay gives it body and structure.

Polkura is available exclusively in Calgary at J Webb Wine Merchant

Exciting News Coming Soon: Camino Cellars

caminoCrimson Imports and our partners are thrilled to announce a special initiative that will bring a new wine to Canada.

Camino represents a path, a journey, and adventure. Our journey took us to Chile where we met talented and passionate young winemakers working to change the image of Chilean wine. Camino is the result of a committed team of wine lovers who want to show you the true spirit of Chile. “El Jefe” is the boss, an assertive blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot that displays both the power and elegance of these grapes.

Watch for details on the blog about availability!

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