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De Chanceny

It was the Romans who introduced vines to the Nantes region over 2000 years ago. Since then, their development on the banks of the Loire has been the heart of wine.

When Henry II Plantagenet became King of England in 1154, he asked for wines from the Loire to be served at the court.  But it was with François 1st that Loire Valley wines really developed. The Loire Valley is distinguished by UNESCO for its exceptional sites, and was listed in the World Heritage Site listing in 2000.

De Chancery brut  is available in Calgary at Metrovino and J Webb Wine Merchant. For Edmonton distribution, click here.

Cave de Saumur

Cave de SaumurCave de Saumur started in the fifties with just a small group of winemakers, but it’s now a must see in the Saumur Champigny environment.

Cave de Saumur has been aware of environmental issues for a long time. Thus, all the treatments and cultivation practices aim at impacting nature as little as possible. Cave de Saumur has a wide variety of wines which find followers with every level.

Cave de Saumur is available in Calgary at Metrovino and J Webb Wine MerchantFor Edmonton distribution, click here.

Domaine de Reuilly

Domaine de Reuilly

Reuilly has existed at the edge of the river Arnon, a tributary of the river Cher since the bronze age, and the quality of its vineyards always gave it a lasting reputation.  At the dawn of the 21st century, the vineyard of Reuilly stretched over 7 municipalities, with an annual and average production of 8000 hectoliters.

Reuilly  is available in Calgary at Metrovino.

Damien Laureau

Damian LaureauAfter working in a Paris-based composting plant, Damien  Laureau decided in 1999 to turn to wine growing. He’s kept his operation small, and his team tight.

Now one of the new superstars of the Loire Valley, Damien Laureau now has nearly 20 vintages worth of experience behind him. Starting in the mid 90’s working with his uncle in the Anjou near St Gemmes, he has since bought and rented several prime parcels in the small Savennieres appellation including a tiny parcel of the prime Roche aux Moines vineyard. Today his with very small family holdings Damien farms a total of just 8.5 hectares ensuring he can grow the best possible quality from these vineyards. Damien Laureau  is available in Calgary at Metrovino.

Frédéric Mabileau

Frederick MabileauFrédéric Mabileau has been described as a perfectionist.  He eschews using the technology of many of today’s winemakers,  and is said to be obsessed with his grapes’ maturity.  Frédéric’s wines are the result of harvesting at optimal maturity and with low yields. Frédéric’s partner in all this perfection is his wife Nathalie. Their wines are expressions of fruits, with lively, spicy backbones and the ability to age gracefully.

Frédéric Mabileau is available in Calgary at Metrovino.

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