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Cécillon Cidre

Cécillon CidreTucked into the Brittany region adjacent to Normandy, Johanna Cécillon’s grandparents produced and marketed cider at “La Grange aux Moines”, where her father Joel Perrin still continues that tradition.

Today, Johanna and husband Louis work together to maintain their own orchards, harvesting apples by hand and efforting a cider that respects the land it comes from. The apples are stored in bags in a cool location until they ripen to perfection, then fermentation is handled in tanks and blended with natural yeasts in oak barrels.

The cider is bottled in late April, and natural bubbles form so there’s no added sulfur. The cider is also non-carbonated and not pasteurized. A second fermentation occurs in the bottle.

At Cécillon Cidre the orchards include 14 different varieties of cider apples: from sweet, to bitter-sweet, and bitter and sour, all lending amazing flavour and characteristics to the cider.

Cécillon Cidre is available at Metrovino.  For Edmonton distribution, click here.

Roger Groult

roger groultThe history of the Groult family business is both long and rich. It started in the eighteenth century when the family settled on a farm located in the hills of the Pays d’Auge, in St Cyr du Ronceray.

A few decades later, Pierre Groult (1830-1918) decided to distill his cider and to age the eau-de-vie obtained in oak barrels : Calvados Groult was born.

Pierre’s son Leon (1874-1923) developed the production and sales of Calvados at regional level, and then his own son, Roger Groult (1905-1988) took over, and under his direction, the distillery had its biggest boom. He increased the size of its distillery and made it one of the most famous among connoisseurs.

Roger’s son Jean-Pierre (1946-2008) developed further distribution of its products in France and was one of the pioneers in exporting its Calvados worldwide, and today his son Jean-Roger, the fifth generation, carries on the family tradition and legacy.

Roger Groult is available at Metrovino and J Webb Wine Merchant in Calgary.


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