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AJ Adam

Just south of Piesport in a small side valley lies the steep, south-facing vineyards of Dhron.  The long-time growers here have aged, and the younger generation seems unwilling to farm the extremely steep, weathered slate slopes here.

Not so with Andreas Adam, who in 2000, after completing school in Geisenheim and after a stint at Heymann-Löwenstein, resurrected his family’s estate and now farms 3.8 hectares in Dhron as well as Piesport.  Due to his estate’s tiny size, it is virtually impossible to farm organically, though Andreas farms as close to nature as possible. Vines are trained using the single post system, traditional in the Mosel for training on steep inclines, and compost is used from his relatives’ farm in the Hunsrück Mountains to fertilize the vineyards. Andreas utilizes indigenous yeasts and a combination of different sized stainless steel, fuder, and halbfuder casks for fermentation.  There are no additions of any kind: no cultured yeast, no süssreserve. All wines are bottled under cork.

AJ Adam is available in Calgary exclusively at Metrovino.


spreitzerThe estate is located in the municipality in the German region Oestrich Rheingau, where wines have been made since 1641. Since 1997 The Spreitzer operation has been led by brothers Andreas and Bernd Spreitzer. The vineyards cover 17 hectares and in the winter grain is sown.  Numerous underground streams here ensure that even in dry seasons the vines are guaranteed a natural source of water. Once perfectly rips, the grapes are hand-picked and then the wines are vinified in a cellar that was built in 1743. After pressing the slow fermentation is done in wooden barrels or in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.

Spreitzer is available in Calgary exclusively at Metrovino.

Von Winning

von winningSince Von Winning Winery was founded in 1849, unique wines reflecting the vineyards in Ruppertsberg, Deidesheim, and Forst have been produced in their historic cellar. In 1907, Leopold von Winning, son-in-law of Dr. Andreas Deinhard, dedicated his life to creating top quality wines with respect to the outstanding vineyards in which he was allowed to work. He meticulously raised the quality of the wines to a new level and became founding member of VDP, an association of German premium wineries. His decision to work as gentle and close to nature as possible remains the overarching goal of today’s young and ambitious team led by Stephan Attmann. Thus, the visionary Leopold von Winning’s legacy of great wine lives on!

Von Winning ferments without artificial cooling in different size oak barrels using their indigenous yeasts. Subsequently, the wines are bottled with minimal handling and often without the aid of filtration. The winery still uses the old style and practises of German winemaking, resurrecting traditions that were believed to be forgotten.

Von Winning is available in Calgary exclusively at Metrovino.

Wagner Stempel

Letting your eyes wander across the vast plains of arable land and the meadows of Rheinhessen, you can discover the village of Siefersheim, situated somewhat hidden at the utmost southern border of a tectonic upthrow extending from the middle reaches of the Nahe to this southern extremity.  This magmatic rock remained under the surface, weathering over millions of years up until today. It is mainly responsible for the unique flora and fauna of “Rheinhessische Schweiz”, beginning in this area.

The Wagner Stempel winery occupies a favoured position in this region, sheltered from the wind, featuring numerous dry-stone walls and parcels of shrubs. The south facing exposition and the stony soil provide year after year full-bodied, powerful, concentrated wines with prominent mineral notes as well as spicy, fruity aromas. The whole site is extremely fissured and gashed, with many deposits of boulders and coarse gravel, with many quarries, dips and exposed sloping sections exposed to cold breezes. These conditions provide the wine with its well-bred, racy character, with subtle, complex aromas, refreshing acidity, slightly salty mineral notes as well as concentration and a full body.

Wagner Stempel is available in Calgary exclusively at Metrovino.

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