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Abel Mendoza Monge

bodega-abel-mendoza-monge-limoso-rioja-doca-spain-10449122This family-owned winery opened back in 1988 in the small town of San Vicente de la Sonsierra in Spain’s famed Rioja region. Though relatively small by some commerical standards, Abel Mendoza Monge produces a good variety of both reds and whites including Viura, Malvasía, Garnacha Blanca, Torrontés, Tempranillo Blanco and some blends. On the red side, Temperanillo is the star of the show for the most part. While the family likes to lead a quiet life, their wines are highly sought after and hard to get. Unless you’re us.

Abel Meddoza Monge is available in Calgary exclusively at Metrovino.


altavins-almodi-petit-terra-alta-spain-10367323tAltavins is a small winery in the Catalonia area of northeastern Spain where Almodí is produced. There’s thousands of years of winemaking history here so it was a natural place for founders Joan Bautista Arrufi and Jordi Casado to set up their winery. The focus here is on quality over quantity, so production is limited to just 150,000 bottles a year. The grapes are always harvested by hand and boxed before being sent to the winery to prevent crushing, and you can taste the care in every glass. For Edmonton distribution, click here.


babot-brut-nature-cava-arvisa-babot-brut-nature-cava-206475-label-1416702309 Located about an hour south of Barcelona, the Spanish wine region Penedès is a countryside escape from the huge Catalan city. The region is most famous for its Cava, but Penedès is also home to both reds, whites, and dessert wines. Most of the best-known wineries are in an area called “Masias,” meaning “Catalan farmhouses”. If bubbles are your thing, this is a can’t-miss region of the world to visit, but until then, enjoy sipping a taste of Spain in Babot.

Bodegas Bhilar

bodegas bhillar wineBodegas Bhilar is a small winery in the Rioja region of Spain run by husband and wife, David Sampedro and Melanie Hickman.  The winery has been gravitating towards organic farming and biodynamic wine making since the 1990’s. The sustainable production facility is “off the grid” using solar power and underground fermentation tanks to help control the temperature in the winery more naturally. Amazingly, in 2014, tractors were eliminated and horses were brought back to farm the vineyards. If you want to try wine that tastes as it would have in the old (we mean old!) days, this is the winery you need to sample from. Bodegas Bhilar is available in Calgary exclusively at Metrovino.


CatangaThose aren’t cobblestones on the Catanga label; they’re the stones from a small ancient Spanish hut where grapes used to be stored. Called a Catanga in Spanish, that’s where this deliciously tasty Tempranillo gets its name. There are several wines in this line and overall it has outstanding value. You’re not going to find it everywhere, however. This Spanish beauty is only available at J Webb Wine Merchant. For Edmonton distribution, click here.  

De Pró Brut

de pro cavaThough the name is Spanish, it may hint at its English translation; De Pró means professional, outstanding, or spot-on, and of the highest caliber. That’s what the winemakers are striving for with their complex bubbly. Made from traditional Cava grape varieties and bottle-aged for 15 months, De Pró is a drink with complexity and smoothness plus the characteristic soft bubbles known as a “creamy mousse” that gives is a light finish. If you need a wine to toast a special occasion with, this is a great pick. De Pró Brut was named the Best Sparkling Wine in its Category at the Netherland’s Proefschrift Awards 2015. De Pró is available in Calgary at J Webb Wine Merchant


pleyadesPléyades (PLAY-ya-days) comes from a large forward-looking cooperative winery based in the village of Longares (600 metres), right in the heart of Cariñena, The winery’s more than 3000 hectares of mainly unirrigated, low-yielding, 25 year old, hand-picked, bush vines produce wines of great intensity. Following a 3 million euro investment, the winery boasts the most up-to-date production facilities with both American and French oak cask ageing. Ana Becoechea is the winery’s young, dynamic and award-winning winemaker. David Morrison comes to Pleyades as the consultant wine-maker.

Pléyades is the Greek for ‘dove’ and according to Greek mythology, the seven daughters of Pleitone were turned into doves before they became stars. Accordingly, the dove is featured prominently in the wine’s label.

For Calgary distribution click here.  For Edmonton distribution, click here.  

Viña Elena

familia pachecoViña Elena is a bodega from Jumilla located in the north of Murcia, a Spanish wine region par excellence, and is one of the oldest family-run bodegas in the region. Originally known as Bodegas Pacheco, the bodega invites visitors to take a step back in time to witness the impressive evolution that has made the business what it is today. The bodega’s home-grown range of olive oil and almonds, recently included in its product list, constitutes a new era for the business and pays homage to the three traditional crops or ‘Trinity’ of the high-plains of Murcia, in other words: vineyards, almond orchards and olive groves. One of the best wines from this winery is Familia Pacheco Organic. This coupage of Monastrell and Syrah is dark red-maroon in colour with a medium to high depth. Red berry aromas can be appreciated on the nose, with a slight touch of lactose and balsamic sensations. Familia Paco Pacheco Organic is a balanced, full-bodied, fresh wine enhanced by seasoned tannins and the reoccurring traces of ripe fruit. Familia Pacheco by Viña Elena is available in Calgary at J Webb Wine Merchant, and Metrovino. For Edmonton distribution, click here.

Viña Zorzal

Vina Zorzal spainThis winery is truly a family affair.  Started by father Antonio Sanz in 1989, Antonio’s three sons have since taken over here. One of the company’s proudest passions has been rescuing native Navarran grape varieties that had been nearly forgotten, then producing single varietal wines with them. Critical and award recognition has followed. Likely thanks to the unique characteristics of the area, Viña Zorzal says it has one of the oldest vineyards in Navarra, which still maintains 115 year old Garnacha vines that survived phylloxera. While the main focus of the winery has been producing fine wines from the Navarra region, more recently the family has expanded to creating wines in the Rioja area. Vina Zorzal is available at Metrovino and J Webb Wine Merchant. For Edmonton distribution, click here.    

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